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A Commitment Driven by Caring

At SciNeuro, we are transforming the treatment of CNS diseases with a dedication that begins and ends with patients.

Our Science

The Courage to Think Differently

We know that big changes don’t happen overnight. We also know that no single person, or entity, can tackle what is one of the most pressing challenges confronting the world’s aging populations. To make meaningful progress, we must team with the world’s finest scientific minds and organizations to uncover and develop the most promising therapeutics so that everyone can benefit from advances in medical innovation for the one organ so essential to our humanity — the brain.

As we seek new solutions, the most critical piece in this puzzle is ultimately the patient. An integrated picture of a person’s underlying genetics, health history, and environmental factors paired with advances in imaging, biomarkers, and other diagnostic tools, creates an opportunity to develop more targeted, disease modifying therapies.

Our 360° approach is characterized by five core attributes that define SciNeuro: